Hermosa Beach Activities

You will most likely find locals here taking advantage of the numerous recreational options located throughout town. Bicycle riding, roller blading and skateboarding along the Strand are popular activities. The beach is always a great gathering spot, whether to relax as the waves crash into shore or watch one of the hundreds of volleyball tournaments that take place here each year. Surfing and boogie boarding are perhaps the most popular water activities, followed closely by boating and deep sea fishing. And locals know that there is just no better place to watch the sun drop below the horizon than at one of the town’s pristine beaches.

You’ll find more than a day’s fun at Redondo Beach Marina,. All kinds of ocean oriented activities from sport fishing, boat rides, and water sports to seasonal whale watching excursions. Nighttime you’ll find it’s the place for twilight fishing, spectacular sunsets, delicious dinners, exciting entertainment and dancing on the water’s edge. When it comes to dining, recreation, or perhaps just a walk in the cool ocean breeze.

The Comedy & Magic Club is home to some of the best comedians in the world. It has been a mainstay on the comedy circuit for decades. Jay Leno continues to do a show here every Sunday at 7pm. The other nights of the week you can expect only the best comedians. Food and wine are served and reservations are a must. Admission charges change, depending on who’s performing. A two-drink minimum also applies.

Hermosa Beach is a town that offers the highest possible quality of life for its diverse population. This upscale yet laid-back town is equally suited to singles, seniors and families alike.

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